Looking for a Trusted Advisor in Cybersecurity?

Fretwork Security Advisors is a bespoke consultancy that has provided trusted advisory services to the executive suite for over a decade. We don’t offer pen-tests or security audits, but we can advise your executives on strategic cybersecurity issues and long-term endeavors. While local to the Pacific Northwest of the United States, we operate globally and at any given time our consultants are working on projects on multiple continents. Need assistance with a strategic information security problem or want to commission confidential research on an emerging technology? Evaluate our core areas of expertise and contact us at your convenience.

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We unify security objectives under a single set of organizational goals to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your data protection needs.

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Our mature approach to rolling out a new endeavors will be industry-relevant, keep costs under control, and offer peace of mind.

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We are experts in providing solid information and advice that can help guide you toward opportunities and steer you away from risks.

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Fretwork can help businesses take a proactive approach to security by staying one step ahead of the latest dangers out there.

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Obtaining strategic leadership in the area of information security is increasingly important for businesses today.

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Before your next security purchase, let our experts walk you through our proven, data-centric approach to information security.

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Unlike most security consultancies, we don’t focus on tactical products or services. We advise those in the executive suite on strategic matters of information protection. Derived from decades of experience working at all levels of the industry, clients have come to rely on our seasoned guidance to conduct due diligence, research the latest industry trends, and launch new initiatives backed by extensive research and decision support.

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