Simply put, trust is the only sustainable competitive advantage in a business relationship. Accordingly, trusted advisors are more likely to have their advice taken because they are capable of forming long-lasting partnerships with their clients, based on mutual respect and collaboration. Consultants provide answers, but trusted advisors ask great questions. Consultants provide expertise, while trusted advisors provide insight. In the security business, we at Fretwork recognize that any competent consultancy can solve your technical problems. However, we go beyond providing expertise and strive to become your invested partner.

The information security business has be come so diversified that there is literally a bespoke consulting shop for every vertical discipline out there. At Fretwork, we don’t offer the usual fare of security assessment and technical auditing services. Instead, we help our clients with strategic issues and long-term security programs. More often than not, we interface directly with CEO, CTO, CISO and other C-level executives to help drive security initiatives within their company. This is not typically done with a “two people for two weeks” gig; we work alongside our clients for months, sometimes years, helping turn their vision into a reality.

No. However, when our clients require this or another deep technical security service, we happily make the necessary arrangements with a trusted firm. We have a network of consultants that spans the globe and odds are that we can find a competent firm in your locale, no matter what specialty you are looking for.

Due to strict confidentiality agreements we don’t disclose our clients directly. Often times, the initiatives we work on are not public-facing, and our involvement in certain client efforts are held under NDA. If you are a potential client seeking a list of references, contact us. We can make some kind of arrangement that will better inform you about our expertise, ethic, and commitment to our clients’ work.

Fretwork is not an “on call” incident response team and we don’t maintain those skill sets on staff. That said, cyber attacks are serious events that require an effective, rapid, and well-handed response. If your organization is seeking to build or outsource a cyber incident response capability, we can help. We’ve worked with some of the best companies in this business to evaluate threat landscapes, mitigate targeted attacks, and supply the cyber threat intelligence you need to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

The best way to learn about open positions is by linking to our Opportunities page. At any given time, Fretwork is seeking consultants to help contribute to client projects. If you see a position listed that fits your skill set, we encourage you to apply. If you’d like to send us your CV for future consideration, please do so are your convenience. (For privacy reasons, we encourage you to protect your communication with us using e-mail encryption. Our PGP Key can be found here .)

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