We are a different kind of firm

Unlike most security consultancies, we don’t focus on tactical products or services. Fretwork advises those in the executive suite on strategic matters of information protection. After all, if your current security strategy is sending the company over a waterfall, how does it help to provide a better boat? Derived from decades of experience working at all levels of the industry, clients have come to rely on our seasoned guidance to conduct due diligence, research the latest industry trends, and launch new initiatives backed by extensive research and decision support.

Based in the Seattle Metropolitan Area, we have intentionally kept our firm small, flexible, and reasonably priced in order to respond to our clients’ needs efficiently. Backed by our extensive network of industry contacts around the globe, we can assemble a team of experts capable of managing any security project your organization is considering. Even if you hadn’t heard of Fretwork until you visited our website, we routinely work behind the scenes with Global 2000 companies on some of their most important and sensitive information security endeavors. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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How we got started

Founded in 2007, Fretwork Security Advisors originally incorporated under the name Fretwork Technologies. As we offered our clients the usual fare of security assessment and network auditing services, we realized that the market was already flush with competent, well-skilled boutiques that offered the same. Over time we noticed that what our clients needed wasn’t another vulnerability assessment, but a trusted advisor that could provide guidance on complex, long-term projects. In 2010, the company re-branded as an executive advisory and we never looked back. Today, we travel the globe working on strategic initiatives our executive clients but continue to retain that small firm feel that customers have come to appreciate.


Fretwork Security Advisors was founded by Joshua Leewarner, who currently serves as the company’s chief executive and Principal Advisor. Mr. Leewarner has more than 18 years of information security experience, having worked at all levels of the industry ranging from hands-on security assessment work to managing strategic relationships with marquee clients. Prior to founding Fretwork, Mr. Leewarner worked for brand name companies such as the Symantec Corporation, Deloitte, BAE Systems, and the Stanford Research Institute. Mr. Leewarner holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Seattle Pacific University, and a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Computer Security form Stanford University.

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